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Concrete Barn Floor Grooving Repairs

Let us repair your concrete barn floors to help save your cows and your valuable investment.

We offer various repairs to existing concrete barn floors. Not all dairy barn floors are the same so therefore there are different ways that can be used in different circumstances to provide the best results and the least wear on the cow’s hoofs. We will consult with you to determine the best solution for your concrete barn floors. Our concrete barn floor grooving repair will help save your cows, saving you money.

Our Concrete Barn Floor Grooving Will...

Create safe and secure flooring.
Obtain the ideal groove pattern.
Promote optimal hoof function.
Reduce claw trauma.

Deep Grooving™

Deep straight line grooving is most preferred, long lasting, does not add wear on hoofs, and is a great solution for larger facilities. We can also resurface preexisting deep grooves by using our Mini Grooving™ process. It is not suitable for rough or uneven concrete.

Mini Grooving™

Mini grooving™ is long lasting, it does not add wear on hoofs, and it is a great solution for larger facilities. Can be used if there are preexisting deep grooves. Mini Grooving™ is not suitable for rough or uneven concrete.


Planing is used for rough concrete barn floors to smooth the surface. It is used in cases such as exposed aggregate but only goes about ¼ inch deep into the concrete floor.

Alley Scraper Channels

We can install and repair concrete barn floor alley scraper channels.

We     Saving Cows

  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take their work. You have a customer for life. Thank you for helping us improve our barn floors.

    Anna Thompson
  • Thank you for helping us put a plan in place to save our cows by improving our barn floors.

    Rick Dempsey
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We provide dairy animals with adequate traction while promoting hoof health.
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